My Technique

There are been much discussion on the NexstarGPS yahoo group about the easiest way to mount the N11GPS on the wedge. This is no easy feat considering that the OTA weights about 29kgs (65lbs). The images below show the technique I use. This works for me, but may not be the best for everyone.

1. Remove the hand controller from its cradle. Place the N11GPS on a table with a couple of pillows next to it.

2. Lay the N11GPS on its side. Rotate the base so one of the screw holes is at the top. Screw a wedge bolt into that hole six turns. This is plenty hold it in the wedge top slot.

3. Grab the side and base handles and lift the N11GPS onto your shoulder. Don't forget to bend the knees! With it balanced against your shoulder its reasonable easy to carry it.

4. Walk out to the wedge. Now bend your knees and lower the N11GPS wedge bolt into the slot on the top of the wedge. This one bolt (screwed in six times can easily support the weight of the scope. Now insert the other two bolts.

To remove the scope from the wedge I just do the reverse. Remove the two bottom bolts, bend the knees and lift it back onto my shoulder. The top bolt should just lift out of the slot. I then carry it back inside and lay it on the pillows. I now remove the remaining bolt and stand the scope back up on the table.